Prepare for the 

Future of Dine-in

Once customers are seated for dine-in, they simply: 

  1. Scan a QR-code that's on the table

  2. Submit orders directly to your POS 

  3. Pay without touching cards, pens or receipts

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"Our sales and tips have increased significantly since we started using Breeze. Guests are adding all kinds of extras to their tacos and nachos that we never used to see before."


Karan Madan, Manager


Metuchen, NJ

Stop leaving money on the table

When guests use           , they spend 15% more per check. 

Especially on drinks and add-ons.

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Negative comps become a thing of the past  

No more miscommunication

No more food waste

Negative comps reduced substatially

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Severs spend less time swiping cards &

more time on service 

Does          depersonalize the dine-in experience? 

Not at all.

          does not replace your servers - it aides them and makes them more efficient.

Servers spend less time printing receipts, giving them more time to actually serve guests.

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Guests can split their own checks

No more splitting checks for guests.


Let them pay from their phones and split the bill however they'd like.


Orders & payments go straight to your POS

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Modernize the guest experience

 & sign up for     

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